Check out Planet Zoo’s narrated gameplay reveal and Indian Subcontinent theme

Frontier Developments have released a new video for their upcoming management sim Planet Zoo, diving in to reveal a slice of gameplay, showing off the Savannah biome and Indian Subcontinent theme and more.


Planet Zoo sees Frontier return to the real world zoo managing theme that they last visited in Zoo Tycoon. The company are perhaps better known for the grand space simulation of Elite: Dangerous, but have recently been on a great run of form with Planet Coast in 2016 and the dino-themed Jurassic World Evolution launched last year.

This game will feature a campaign taking you across the world to explore different biomes and build your zoo to suit and cater to the unique needs of different animals. You’ll create their habitats, mould vast landscapes and hopefully nurture animals within the bounds of your zoo. Alongside the goal oriented campaign, it will also feature a more freeform Sandbox game mode.

Planet zoo will be out on 5th November for PC, but eager zoo keepers will be able to try the game out before then. The Planet Zoo beta will run from 24th September to 8th October, but is only accessible by pre-ordering the Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition from Steam.

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