The DayZ console servers are going offline today and changing to new names

I seem to be writing an awful lot about the DayZ console servers at present and here’s some more news about them. Bohemia are busy switching all the servers over to new hardware and that means downtime and new names for your favourite servers. Here’s the post from the DayZ forums.

Hello survivors,

We are currently in the process of switching all our official DayZ servers to new machines.

This means that their IP will change, so you will have to re-add your server to your favorites if it is affected.

Today we are transferring the first bunch of servers. While the number stays intact, their location might change. See below for the affected servers and their name changes.

Your characters, in-game stashes and bases should not be affected, the downtime will start at 11 AM and should last roughly 2 hours.

Server transfer starting 03.09.2019, 11 AM:

Here is the first batch of new server names.


A few days ago both the PlayStation and Xbox One versions of DayZ were been hit by a peculiar and very annoying bug. If you were playing on the official servers, rather than one of the recently launched private servers, there’s was good chance your character could get wiped and you will lose all your progress and gear.

Understandably those who have spent hours in the game earning weapons are a bit miffed.  “When came on DayZ I saw all my characters  reset, and all my friends on my clan as well, we are currently 25 guys that we never want to play again,” tweeted one disgruntled user. “To get it wiped for no reason? The point is to survive as long as u can!! no fun when the developers are the ones killing us!!” tweeted another.

However, they were even more miffed when the problem was fixed but Bohemia could not restore the characters that were wiped. “We have been able to pin down the issue that caused a character wipe on both consoles this morning and managed to resolved it,” they tweeted. “While this means you should be able to play without further disturbances from now on, the wipe is sadly irreversible. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

Source: DayZ forums 

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