The latest PlayStation Store sale offers up to 70% off EA titles, plus games for less than £13 / £4

Fans of a certain publisher are in luck as the latest sale on the PlayStation Store offers up to 70% off the price of EA games, but before we get to that you might be interested in the Deal of the Week which is for Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. Lara has had a massive 85% shaved from the price and will cost you just £6.49.

Don’t forget that ShopTo have a sale on PSN credit so you can save even more money, click here for details on that.

Right then, on to the EA deals of which my top picks have to be Burnout Paradise Remastered which is down to £8.49 and the excellent A Way Out which is £16.24.

Games Under €15 is running until 18th September, the deals are live but the sale listing on the PlayStation Store is not. I would assume this would translate to Games Under £13 like the previous sale, but with the £/€ rate so low that might not be the case.

Games Under €5  is also running until 18th September, so expect this lot to be around £4 or less.

*Replaced by A Way Out in the Middle East.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Of course, if you wanted to buy Burnout Paradise Remastered (which you should) and A Way Out (I’ll take your word for it), that comes to £24.73. Or you could spend the £19.99 on EA Access and have those both included. But then you only get to play them for a year before you need to pay again. Add that ShopTo deal and you get them for £17.85.

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