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Days Gone new game plus arrives next week

Those who have been dying to revisit Days Gone after watching the credits roll will get the chance to play through it again, complete with all their previous unlocks.


That’s right, New Game Plus is coming and you won’t have to wait long. Bend Studio will be adding this newest feature to the game next Friday on September 13th.

In a nutshell, you’ll be able to start Deacon St. John’s story from scratch, albeit with all the weapons, crafting recipes, skills and such from your original save file. Trophy progress will also be carried over along with collectables, trust, and credits, so you won’t have to grind these out for a second time.

Here’s some more detailed information as to how NG+ can be accessed:

New Game Plus can be started from any save game where the “I’m Never Giving Up” storyline has been completed. You can play NG+ on any difficulty level; Easy, Normal, Hard, Survival, or try it in one of our two new difficulty modes: Hard II and Survival II, regardless of the previous difficulty mode. These new difficulty modes are not specific to NG+ and can be experienced by brand-new players as well.

The September 13th patch also comes tagged with new trophies for Days Gone die hards to try and unlock.

Even though it’s a singleplayer game Days Gone has continued to receive updates following its launch back in April, pumping it will new features and content.

Soon after its release, Bend Studio introduced the first of its ten planned challenges. These exist outside of the main story as a standalone mode, tasking players with specific objective based scenarios. For example, the latest challenge “Dead Don’t Ride” has you exploring a slice of the game’s open world, collecting survivors and taking them to their destination as a timer counts down. It’s basically Crazy Taxi.

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