New Days Gone DLC turns the game into Crazy Taxi

Since launching back in April, Days Gone has been receiving regular updates to not only improve the PS4 exclusive horror game, but also expand it with free new challenge focused content.

This week developer Bend Studio rolled out its latest challenge dubbed “Dead Don’t Ride” which cements Deacon St. John as the ultimate errand boy in this Freaker infested hellscape.


Instead of saddling up on his Drifter bike, you will instead get behind the wheel of a golf buggy. This new race focused challenge may as well be called “Days Gone X Crazy Taxi” with players ferrying survivors between checkpoints as the clock counts down.

Unlike the many jobs and side quests available in Days Gone these post launch challenges are far less grounded and channel more of a Zombieland vibe compared to the mainline story.

Here are some of the sub-objectives available in this newest challenges:

  1. Close Call: Park Close to X Survivors. When stopping to pick up your next fare, stop as close as possible to the waiting survivor. Stopping close not only contributes toward this sub-objective, but it also gives bonus points toward the overall challenge.
  2. 5 Star Driver: Drop Off X Happy Survivors. Once you have a survivor on board, pay attention to their satisfaction meter. You’ll get score and time bonuses for Happy and Neutral drop-offs. You’ll still get some points from Unhappy passengers, but no time bonus.
  3. Wild Speed: Drop off X Hard Survivors. Delivery difficulty is indicated by the color of the pick-up ring; yellow for easy, orange for medium, and red for hard. Difficulty is determined by distance to the drop-off destination, and in some cases by jumps or difficult navigation. In addition to advancing this sub-objective, longer deliveries award more points toward the overall score. Since the golf cart has infinite boost, make heavy use of it on long straightaways to achieve this sub-objective.
  4. Street Sweeper: Run Over X Swarmers. Don’t worry about alarming your passengers—running over freaks won’t hurt your delivery rating. Each Swarmer killed will add two seconds to the challenge clock. Try and line up your Swarmer kills along your delivery routes because going out of your way for these kills will work against the clock.

Days Gone has proven to be one of the more divisive PlayStation exclusives out there, among the PS community and here at TSA Towers. While some find Deacon strangely endearing and love the gorgeous wilderness setting, others struggled to enjoy the minute to minute gameplay while criticising just how barren its huge open world is.

Bend has continued to work on Days Gone since launch though there’s no official word on a proper DLC expansion. With a map so large, it’s not hard to imagine the studio diving back to populate it with new content.

One player managed to discover an area that isn’t playable in the main game, possibly hinting at a new location.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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