Madden NFL 20 is free to play from today until Sept 9th, new mode revealed

If you fancy some American football action the EA have the goods as Madden NFL 20 has a free to play weekend starting today and running until September 9th.

The game has also been updated with a new Superstar KO mode which reduces the time for each match to around eight minutes. You can play the mode by yourself or up to 3v3 online and pick from one of eight pre selected teams.

Madden NFL 20 scored 8/10 in our review. “Madden 20 provides another year’s worth of well-crafted gridiron action,” said Dom. “It’s a shame to say goodbye to Devin Wade and the Longshot narrative, but QB1 does a decent enough – if short – job of framing your own rise to fame. The rest of the package is as slick and smooth as you’d hope. Should you upgrade? If you’re an avid fan, you probably already have. For everyone else, both Madden 18 and 19 still play a fantastic game of football.

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