Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered release date confirmed for January

Square Enix is on a Final Fantasy remastering spree at the moment, and one of the games that was confirmed to get the treatment was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Square Enix has confirmed that the release date has been set for January 23rd 2020, with the game heading to PS4, Switch, iOS, and Android. Square Enix had recently aimed for a 2019 release date but as you can guess there’s a short delay.


What will Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered have? Well, as it is a remastered title that means the game’s visuals and audio will be upgraded. Brand new bosses and dungeons have been put into the game as well so there’s more content to explore over the original release. Speaking of exploring players will able to play online with up to three other players, and cross play will be a feature of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered.

Characters will have voiceovers for when they’re casting spells and there will be brand new items to customise the characters with. The first proper gameplay preview will be released later this week during Tokyo Game Show.

Source: Press Release

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