Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Lite demo will let you co-op with the full version of the game

The long overdue remaster to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is not far away from release, coming out on 27th August for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android. It’s a cult classic GameCube JRPG with co-op gaming at its core, and thankfully Square Enix have cooked up a way to bring that experience to as many people as possible.

Alongside the release of the full remastered game will be Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Lite, a demo version of the game that also allows for full four player co-op with the purchase of just a single copy of the game. That’s in addition to the game having full cross-platform multiplayer across all platforms.


The Lite demo will allow players to adventure through the first three dungeons of the game in both single player and multiplayer, but the full version will be able to host multiplayer sessions and invite Lite players to their lobby, opening up 13 dungeons of the fantasy adventure to play through.

Given the amount of content on offer, it’s also good to hear that progress made in the Lite demo will carry over to the full game.

The Remastered Edition is being enhanced beyond mere graphics improvements and the addition of online multiplayer. A new Mimic feature which lets you take on the form of characters you meet on your journey, while they’ve worked on ways to get around the transition from local to online multiplayer. A new Quick Chat allows for simple text-based instructions to be relayed to other players, while a Magic Timer feature lets you keep tabs on your compatriots and synchronise your magical attacks. There’s also some UI improvements with a mini-map and, for those wanting extra challenge, new high difficulty dungeons that will appear after completing the main game – these can only be played by owning the full Remastered Edition.

The game’s soundtrack is also being updated, with 50 newly-composed tracks from the game’s original composer, Kumi Tanioka, alongside freshly recorded versions of theme songs Sound of the Wind and Starry Moonlit Night.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition was originally announced back in 2018, planned for a 2019 release, however Square announced an initial delay to January 2020, before then pushing it back further to summer 2020. With the company confident enough to pin a more precise release date on the game’s release, it looks like the team are heading into the final stretch of its revamp.

Source: press release

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