Get your first look at Nioh 2 gameplay with the TGS reveal trailer

The sequel to Team Ninja’s hit Souls-like Nioh has finally been fully revealed at Tokyo Game Show, with a brand new trailer that gives us our first look at its gameplay. The trailer introduces the parts of the game that are part of the consumer demo available to play at TGS.


You start off in The Village of Cursed Blossoms, inspired by the renowned cherry blossom season that’s such an integral part of Japanese culture. Around the town are small creatures known as Sudama, which are Kodama that turned into Yokai. They’re more thieves than they are battlers, but contrast strongly with the new Yokai, like the fearsome Mezuki. It’s been augmented in the demo by being in the Dark Realm where Yokai come from.

It was recently revealed that Nioh 2 features a protagonist that’s half human, half Yokai, allowing them to explore the Yokai worlds. In that area, the human side is weakened while the Yokai becomes much stronger. It should make for some interesting gameplay dynamics.

First announced back at E3 2018, the team have been rather quiet about its development since then.We know that some 50,000 players were invited in to play the Nioh 2 closed alpha, though due to strict NDAs no information was forthcoming. It seems to have been worth it with over 18,000 responses.

One of the more popular Souls-likes outside the house of FromSoftware, Nioh released to some pretty hefty praise in early 2017 and gained a healthy following of fans.Dave wrote in our Nioh review, “Do not dismiss Nioh as just another knockoff; it’s so much more than that. By taking some inspiration from others, Team Ninja do prove with a rich combat system and solid foundation that they have the ability to surprise and innovate. The vast majority of the game is a pleasure to play, despite the fact that death is around every corner.”

Nioh 2 will be coming out in 2020, and has been confirmed for PlayStation 4.

Source: EU PS Blog

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