Are you in the Nioh 2 alpha test? Tecmo Koei is sending out invites

Despite Nioh being one of the PlayStation 4’s most celebrated Japanese imports, Tecmo Koei has been strangely quiet about its demon slashing sequel, Nioh 2.

Then, from out of nowhere, the Japanese publisher has announced a closed alpha test for Nioh 2. The test will run for just over a week between Friday, May 24th and Sunday, June 2nd.


Invites are currently been sent out to PlayStation Network users via email. As it’s a closed test, don’t be too shocked if one doesn’t drop into your inbox.

A new Nioh 2 trailer has also been posted, though only on official PlayStation channels. It shows off plenty of new content from the sequel including new enemies to defeat, weapons to master, and locations to explore.

Instead of playing as William from the original game, or another named character, in Nioh 2 you will have the option to customise your own Oni-hunting warrior. Selecting either male or female, there will hopefully be plenty of ways to adjust their in-game appearance.

Being able to harness demonic powers also seems like a key new feature in Nioh 2. The gameplay reel shows players transforming into large, creature-like beings, no doubt capable of dishing out some serious hurt.

Nioh 2 is being developed by Team Ninja, the Tecmo Koei studio best known for its work on Ninja Gaiden as well as the Dead Or Alive fighting game series. Nioh had a somewhat long and troubled development, undergoing several transformations before surfacing in 2017 as a worthy rival to the insanely popular Dark Souls series.

Nioh floored critics, Dave giving the game an incredible 9/10 in his review. The new IP made a solid debut, garnering an OpenCritic average of 88%.

As of February 2019, Nioh has sold more than 2.5 million copies. We’re hoping to hear more about the game in the coming months, despite Sony’s absence from E3 2019.


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