Dirt Rally is currently free on Steam but not for long

Here’s a surprise weekend deal for you. Codemasters’ Dirt Rally is currently free on Steam but the offer is only valid until tomorrow. Why is it free? No idea, but Dirt Rally 2.0 is also on sale and going for £17.99. It seems Codemasters just want to be generous, It’s also worth remembering that Dirt Rally supports VR on PC as well so you can grab a good experience for free. Furthermore, some updates have been added to Dirt Rally 2.0.

The Dirt Rally 2.0 World Series’ first round of qualifiers is opening this week with Rally players needing to head to Poland in an H2 FWD car, while Rallycross players head to Norway where they must use Super 1600s. All those who set a valid time will be given a BMW M2 Competition.  The Greece Rally has been added to the game as well with it having both dry and wet conditions available for it. When Dirt Rally was reviewed back in 2016 Stefan wrote:


Dirt Rally gets Codemasters back to their roots, with a game that focuses on rallying through and through. It’s tough and unforgiving of your mistakes, but that’s what rallying is about and it makes getting to grips with the car’s handling, measuring your approach to a stage and coming out on top all the more satisfying.

You can read the full Dirt Rally review here.

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