Codemasters Seem To Be Teasing Dirt Rally 2

The Codies have dropped a couple of cryptic tweets that seem to indicate Dirt Rally 2 may be on the way. The first tweet was from the main Codemasters account and simply said “2.0”


Today the official Dirt account tweeted a new image of an Audi rally car on a dirt track with mountains in the background. It also has a time and date, 10.30am tomorrow, 26th September, so we’re expecting a full reveal then.

Source: Twitter 1/2

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  1. I hope so as it’s the best PSVR game I’ve played. VR support from the start would be very welcome.

    • Full VR support from the start this time too would be good.

      Not the weird thing they did where the whole game is completely playable in VR but the back half of the car is missing.

      Ok, that’s presumably for performance reasons. Why render something you won’t see? But that doesn’t explain why the cars have engines you can’t see either, unless you stick your head in the wrong place.

      • It was a bit weird looking around and not seeing the car but I only looked before the race starts. Like you say better to have the performance.

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