Rainbow Six Siege DDOS attacks are ruining ranked play on consoles

It’s being reported via many outlets, content creators, and players in the Rainbow Six Siege community that ranked play on consoles is being ruined by frequent DDoS attacks.

These are said to have become more prevalent (or at least more noticeable) since developer Ubisoft Montreal kicked off Siege’s latest in game season with Operation Ember Rise.

Not only does this update patch the game with new content – which adds two operators to the Siege roster and a rework of the Kanal map – it also resets player ranks for the current season.

As such, this has proven an opportune time for cheaters to overload the Siege ranked servers via targeted DDOS attacks in order to quickly climb their way to that coveted diamond rank.

During ranked matches, players are experiencing rubber banding, high ping rates, and crashes. By attacking servers, cheaters can effectively bag themselves an effortless win over the other team to game Siege’s ranked system.

Popular Siege YouTube channels including Get_Flanked and Matimi0 have joined the voices of console players concerned about the current state of Siege’s ranked play (via Windows Central).

Tabwire, a service that tracks stats across online games including The Division 2, Apex Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege, paints a particularly worrying picture for those wanting to play ranked Siege matches on console.

According to Tabwire, if you’re playing at either gold or diamond rank, there’s an 8/10 chance that your match will be DDOSed. As such, they recommend that console players stick to unranked play while Ubisoft Montreal tries to find a solution.

Operation Ember Rise is now available across all platforms. Aside from retooling the Kanal map for improved viability in competitive play, this content drop introduces Amaru and Goyo, two new operators that add a grappling hook and an explosive deployable shield to Siege’s gadget arsenal.

It was recently confirmed by Ubisoft that Siege now has hit 50 million players around the globe, cementing the Tom Clancy shooter and one of this gen’s biggest turnaround success stories.

Source: Windows Central

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