Ghost Recon Breakpoint open beta to run next week

Ubisoft will be running a Ghost Recon Breakpoint open beta next week, with players being able to access the title from September 26th until September 29th. The beta will run on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Uplay and Epic Games Store, with the beta client being available to download from September 24th on all platforms. The content on offer in the open beta will be more than what was available in the closed beta. This will include three more story missions, the two new regions of Infinity and New Argyll in addition to the four that were present in the closed beta, four daily missions, and twelve daily faction missions.

The PvP aspect will also be in the beta with the Elimination mode pitting teams of four against each other across four maps, with these locations being PMC Camp, Port, Cold War Bunker, and Harbor.

Also, there’s a new trailer featuring Lil Wayne.

We tried out the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta, and Stefan wrote the following:

This was really just the small taste of what Breakpoint’s original reveal promised. Through the few hours spent with the beta, I never really felt like the tables had truly been turned on me, that the Ghosts had truly gone from the hunters to the hunted. Given how successful Wildlands was, I can imagine that Ubisoft will want to build up to that through the full game; it’s an intriguing proposition either way.

You can read the full preview of Ghost Recon Breakpoint here. If you’re interested in finding out what Ubisoft is planning for the post release content of Breakpoint you can have a look at the roadmap here. Planning to play on PC? Well, the PC specs are for you.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be released in just a few weeks time on October 4th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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