Save up to 65% off Ubisoft games in the latest PlayStation Store sale


Another week, another PlayStation Store sale and this time it’s Ubisoft games with big discounts. The Deal of the Week, which runs until 25th September, is for F1 2019, and there’s a new PlayStation Retro sale as well.

My top picks are Assassin’s Creed Odyssey which is £24.74, and for PSVR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew which is £15.99. Make sure to check out PlayStation Store for more information and regional pricing.

Ubisoft Sale (until 2nd September)

Deal of the Week (until 25th September)

PlayStation Retro (until 2nd September)

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.

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  1. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is absolutely something anyone with a Fancyhat should play. But don’t just go for the base game, pay the extra £4 to get the bundle with the Next Generation DLC. Who wouldn’t want to get slaughtered by the Borg on the Enterprise D? (Or on the original Enterprise, if you’re completely insane)

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