Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attacks being investigated by Ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced that it will actively combat Rainbow Six Siege cheaters, banning those behind the recent wave of DDoS attacks while looking to fortify its servers against potential threats in future.

This follows reports from the Siege community who have noted a DDoS pandemic on consoles, effectively ruining the tactical shooter’s competitive scene for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.


After monitoring the situation, Ubisoft Montreal has outlined a comprehensive plan in how it will deal with cheaters and the recent spate of DDoS attacks.

In short, Ubisoft will brandish its ban hammer with more efficiency while also following up bans with potential legal action.

The publisher will also improve the way it monitors network traffic, helping them to detect DDoS attackers more accurately. Instead of having 3 matches running on one server, this number has been reduced to one.


We have identified the worst offenders perpetuating these DDoS/DoS attacks, and will be initiating a ban wave. This will apply to both PC and Console players.

Impact: Players that have been found to be initiating DDoS/DoS attacks will be banned.

Target: Next Week, will continue as needed


We currently host 3 matches per server. When a server crashes, or when a DDoS/DoS attack occurs, this results in 3 matches being impacted and taken offline. We are splitting this to have each server host a single match to reduce the impact

Impact: 66% reduction in the impact of DDoS/DoS attacks.

Target: End of this week


We have noted the unintended consequences of the escalating abandon sanction on players impacted by DDoS/DoS attacks. We are disabling this feature to reduce the longer term impact that is felt by legitimate players.

Impact: Reduce impact felt by legitimate players after a match has been ended via DDoS/DoS/Soft Booting.

Target: End of this week


We are making adjustments to how we manage and monitor network data, and how we accept packets sent to our servers. We cannot provide details on this topic, as it will expose information that can be used to circumvent the work we are doing. This will have a substantial impact on DDoS, DoS, Soft Booting, and server stressing.

Impact: This will have a substantial impact on DDoS, DoS, Soft Booting, and server stressing.

Target: Early October


We have discussed the current situation with our legal team, and assessed our options. We will be issuing cease and desists to websites and people hosting these services.

Legal action against prominent DDoS/DoS attackers is in progress.

Impact: Reduce the availability of DDoS/DoS service providers

Target: Ongoing


Development is ongoing with our partners on the Microsoft Azure team, and we are working closely with them to develop both short and long term solutions.

Impact: This will have a substantial impact on DDoS, DoS, Soft Booting, and server stressing.

Target: Ongoing

Rainbow Six Siege has just kicked off its latest season dubbed “Operation Ember Rise”. This is the game’s third content drop of its fourth year (Y4S3), adding two new playable operators and a reworked version of the Kanal map.

Source: Rainbow Six Siege official website

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