Journalist reports a PlayStation 5 Pro will launch alongside the standard PS5

Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa has posted a video on YouTube in which he states that Sony will be releasing a PlayStation 5 Pro model alongside the regular base model come launch day, which is expected to be near the end of 2020.

He goes on to explain that this is because players are interested in having the high end model straight away and Sony would like to please the fans. This is just a rumour but Zenji Nishikawa seems quite reputable (he got a thank you on the credits of The Last Guardian!) and if Sony can make an extra buck with a PS5 Pro then it would make sense to have it from day one. Also, if Microsoft don’t have the Project Scarlett Pro at the same time then Sony will when back the prized “most power console” sticker.


Given what we know about the hardware inside the PS5 the base model is going to be pricey, we’re expecting around the £400 – £450 mark, obviously a Pro model will be more expensive but even at £550 that seems to be within the budget of some gamers. 

The PlayStation 5 – or whatever it ends up being called – will not be revealed until next year but we do know a few details already.

The CPU is based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line and contains eight cores of the company’s new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. The GPU, a custom variant of Radeon’s Navi family, will support ray tracing, a technique that models the travel of light to simulate complex interactions in 3D environments.

The dev kits for the console are already with developers and thanks to a few leaks we have a render of what one could look like.

At a recent company strategy briefing Sony Chief Executive Kenichiro Yoshida discussed the machines power, highlighting features such as ray tracing. “Details when making games have become more important than ever,” he said.

The good news for us is that “Sony is concentrating its attention on large software publishers as it gets ready for the next PlayStation”, so should see some stonking games on the new console. They have recently stated that “the content becomes more important than ever” and are looking to buy more developers.

Sony still welcomes games from independent studios, the first Sony official said, but the emphasis is on strengthening relationships with large publishers since resources are limited. The thinking is, the official said, that people buy a console to play high-quality games available only on that platform, not smaller games also available on smartphones.

Source: YouTube via WCCFTech

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  1. The PS4 Pro/Xbox One X launch was terrible for gamers who didn’t want to double dip on a console.

    It’s as plain as day that games are now targeted to the more powerful console for good performance, with often poor performing games releasing on the original models. In addition, the vast majority of new game reviews are carried out on the Pro or X, leaving quite a lot of gamers unaware of performance issues until the game is in their hands.

    If this happens at launch of the next generation, you’ll have an entire generation of poorly performing games to look forward to if you buy the cheaper option.

    I hope we never see a PS5 Pro or Xbox equivalent.

    • I don’t think that’s true/. Look at Borderlands 3, the worst performance is on Pro and X1X enhanced modes, not the base models.

    • disagree with that I think it worked out great nothing wrong with having a pro model after a few years if people want it.

  2. Bit annoying but not dissimilar to what MS and Sony are doing with the X and Pro.

    If true, at least we’ll get a choice at launch instead of Sony wheeling out a Pro PS5 a year or so later.

    • The danger is, you get a choice between the cheap version and terrible performance, or the expensive one with something acceptable. Or developers just target the cheap version making the expensive one pointless.

      It might just about make sense halfway through the life of a console, but not at launch.

      Wasn’t there the rumour of MS doing the same, but then realising it’s a stupid idea? Because it really is.

      • PS5 Pro 2 – releasing spring 2023, probably. :/

  3. I do not think this is True the PS5 already sounds very powerful? there will be no need for the Pro model for a few years. I think having a Pro model is a great idea after a few years if people want one.

  4. Should have called it Project Eindhoven.

  5. I guess we need to know the details, pricing and differences but considering how the base PS4 – which was impressive in it’s own right – became the poor cousin when the Pro launched, will anyone want to waste money on a base PS5?

    • Maybe but it takes away the argument that it costs too much – because you can still get a PS5 experience on a budget. Maybe their intention is for the PS5 Pro to be the de facto version, and maybe when prices come down the regular version will be phased out completely, but at launch it takes away any contention about price. If I remember they tried a similar thing, albeit less successfully, with the PS3 – I’m pretty sure there was a ‘basic’ version released with a few bells and whistles removed to try and appeal more to the budget market until eventually they went back to one version that was somewhere between the two.

      Another consideration is the markets they operate in – just because in the West all the focus will be getting the best picture and sound on your 4K or soon enough 8k HDR TV and Dolby Atmos sound system, doesn’t mean that there aren’t many countries just beginning to get on board with budget HD sets and so don’t need all the power the PS5 Pro will offer to run well on the very latest TVs.

  6. It’s an inevitable conclusion this will happen because this is where the industry has been heading, its what’s been happening in the PC gaming market for decades – if you want to see the game at its best you pay more for better hardware. I for one will be glad to pay upfront for the ‘Pro’ and in turn won’t feel ripped off if I bought a launch model and a better version came out a year later – in fact the inevitability of a Pro model would probably discourage me from upgrading at launch to a regular model and instead just wait for the Pro version to be released. Likewise I was willing to pay the PS3 price premium when that came out, but many thought it was too expensive and it was judged harshly because of the price. Compare that with the success of the PS4 and also the relatively positive reception of the ‘proof of concept’ PS4 Pro and its inevitable. With games designed to run on differing specs from the start I expect to see a further hardware upgrade at the halfway point of the PS5 life cycle too – a ‘PS5 Pro Slim’ perhaps? It’s probably the reason PS4 games will be backwards compatible too. Rigid console life cycles are a thing of the past…

    I can’t see how this couldn’t be taken as a positive – got the money and desire for bleeding edge performance? Get a PS5 Pro. Just want to play the latest games and have a decent performance bump on the current PS4 without getting a loan? Get a PS5 regular. History has shown these are two distinct markets – if you just go with the ‘Pro’ option you will alienate a section of you customer base that say it’s too expensive; just go with the ‘regular’ model you will disappoint the early adopters and ‘hardcore’ market that will bemoan how consoles still can’t match the latest spec PC not caring about the price difference. So why not target both together and have your cake and eat it?

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