Some German gamers are happy to pay €600 (£550 / $670) for the PlayStation 5

It appears our continental neighbours have a little more cash to splash than us Brits as a survey by German site has revealed gamers are willing to pay €600, roughly £550 or $670, for Sony’s next console. The survey has had over 5,800 responses at the time of writing.

Sony came under considerable fire when the price of the PlayStation 3 was announced at $499, the high price point really hurt launch sales allowing Microsoft to race ahead during the last gen console wars.Obviously prices have risen across the board since the launch of the PlayStation 3 but I do think Sony would have a very hard time trying to sell a console at £550, that is only going to appeal to the most hardcore fans and will be out of the budget of many gamers.


The first few confirmed games for the PlayStation 5 have been announced including Dying Light 2 and Monstrum II, and there’s a good chance that an enhanced version of Death Stranding will also be appearing on the console.

At a recent company strategy briefing Sony Chief Executive Kenichiro Yoshida discussed the machines power, highlighting features such as ray tracing. “Details when making games have become more important than ever,” he said.

Sony’s recently explained one feature the PlayStation 5 will have something that no other console will have, special sauce. The PS5 will having an appealing price, so hopefully not £550, and will be backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 games. Other specs revealed are:

  • Eight core third generation AMD Ryzen at 7nm
  • Semi-custom Radeon Navi GPU
  • SSD hard drive
  • Ray traced graphics and audio
  • 8K video output
  • 3D audio

We took a look a how the next gen consoles stack up against each other, you can read that here, and we also compared them to Google Stadia, find out which is best for you here.

How much are you will to pay for the PlayStation 5? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. I think that value-wise people are going to be a lot more amenable to picking up a PS5 at £550 than they were for previous PlayStation launches. Hell, if we’re spending up to and over £1000 on a mobile handset that’s going to last about two years it doesn’t seem too extortionate.

  2. Id be more than happy to pay that sort of money if all the things they have said about loading times etc is reality.

    Anyone remember the promises that games would load quick on PS4 as devs and publishers stopped showing their logos etc at start up. Yeah that didnt last long did it.

    • Some games did minimise the initial load times, but it definitely got sidelined once suspend/resume features were fully realised with both consoles. So don’t expect them to go away next gen either.

  3. There’s always the chance we will see multiple consoles released at the same time – perhaps there will be a cheaper one without a disk drive, or smaller storage etc.

    • I don’t think going down the multiple console route is the right way to go, one console one price is a lot less confusing to the many even if it’s marketed at hard-core gamers. Even MS has (reportedly) dropped the multiple console idea.

      • The MS rumours were down to developers just targeting the less powerful machine, weren’t they? Which would be a complete disaster. Yes, they could sell the game to everyone, whichever version of the console they owned, but nobody would buy either version if the competition came along with a single, higher powered machine and made the games look a bit shit.

        A single console is a much better idea, at least at launch time. Maybe a couple of different options for the amount of storage, although that’s hardly necessary if you can expand the storage easily (as you can with the PS4 and XBone).

        And how much difference to the price would only having 1 version make? Have 2 versions, and some bits will be the same, and some will be different. Buy twice as many of any 1 component and you might save a couple of quid. The sort of savings that add up quickly to a cheaper price and MS or Sony saving millions.

  4. I think it will be either £449 or £499. Inflation means that’s not much more than the PS4 was at launch, but it’s still a lot of money. I don’t want it to be too cheap or it will be extremely difficult to get one at launch!

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