PlayStation 5 will have an “appealing” price

A few days ago Wired magazine had a scoop on the PlayStation 5 which revealed the some impressive technical details including a SSD hard drive, 8K output, and fancy ray-tracing graphics. However, the price was not mentioned which led us to ponder how much it would cost.

Peter Rubin from Wired has now tweeted a transcript of part of the interview that was not published and includes a comment regarding the price. Mark Cerny was asked how much the new console would retail for and replied “I believe that we will be able to release it at an SRP [suggested retail price] that will be appealing to gamers in light of its advanced feature set.”

That does sound like the console might be rather pricey at launch, but Sony will have to keep the cost down as much as possible to get early adoption.

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  1. $420.

  2. Oh, he didn’t say “it will cost a fucking bomb mate”, what a surprise.

  3. Lets be honest, it doesn’t matter what it costs, were having it and with mobile phones costing around a grand to buy when new, you’d expect various models to come out which stretch from £249-£500 with the decision being your own – which is all honestly is still a decent price.

    I cannot wait to see what the Next Gen brings and really, cost doesn’t even matter at the stage as we don’t know what we are buying. I do think it would be a great idea to release various models as Gamers now are from all generations so pocket depth varies and would ensure they reach as many fans as possible.

    Lets wait and see, but man its exciting times, soon be time to upgrade the 4K boomer at this rate! 8K, the mind boggles and to think when we were kids we thought Street Fighter 2 on the Snes was the pinnacle, me and my brothers were like ‘look they have fingers and toes mum’ hahaha

  4. I’ll pay £450 but not a penny more.

    • Sounds about right.
      I’m hoping it’s not going to be more than that but as a new mobile phone can cost £1000+ £500+ doesn’t seem to bad for what you are getting. But I cannot see Sony making the same mistake as the PS3 launch price.

  5. This is starting to sound worryingly like the PS3 launch. Whenever it’s officially announced, they’ll go for stupid approach of “It’s twelvty-hundred moneys, but you’ll buy it because of all those numbers. Get a second job, bitches!”

    But then again, it might just be saved by backwards compatibility and whatever the market for used PS4s is like when it launches.

    • “It’s twelvty-hundred moneys, but you’ll buy it because of all those numbers. Get a second job, bitches!”

      FFS! Funny and lame but possibly true!

      • Just wait until you see how many giant enemy crabs it can put on screen at once. You’ll be getting second and third jobs and selling kids and/or sexual favours to get your hands on one.

  6. Do many people actually pay a grand for a mobile phone? I’d have thought the majority are on contract, which yes costs that after a few years but you get calls etc included. Which is the way I think the next consoles will go. Something like xbox game pass, gold & the console on a pay monthly deal.

    • MS tried that for a limited time in the US. $22 or $35 for an XBone S or X with Gold and Game Pass included for 2 years. More of your standard interest free credit for 2 years thing than a mobile phone type contract though.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if MS at least don’t roll that out more permanently (and not just in the US?) with their next XBox. Sony may do too, but something just makes me think that’s less likely for them.

    • You do realise you end up paying much more by getting a ‘cheap’ mobile in a ‘deal’? At least that’s the way where I live. I only ever buy mobiles without a deal (but I also never buy those overpriced ones).

      • Yeah I think everyone knows that Andrew. I’m simply saying it’s the way it think they’ll go.

  7. The PS4 price was appealing too – and i still had to pay that off in installments! Being able to put down a deposit as soon as preorders went live and throw whatever spare change i had at it between then and launch made it a lot less painful.

  8. With the specs that are being floated around for the PS5 and next Xbox, they are sounding like they are going to be expensive machines. Even with the bulk discounts they will have on components there are some expensive parts going into these, so unless AMD have managed to come up with chips that blow current bang per buck ratios out the water then I don’t see how the prices could be at a reasonable level.

    Of course, with PS Plus and Xbox Live & Game Pass now being so popular, it could be possible that the console business could go back to having the actual console as a loss leader for the recurring revenue they make from these subscription services.

  9. Given what I got out of the past consoles, it’s a hell of a good value-for-money ratio. And as I had difficulty getting a PS4 when I wanted one, I’d order a PS5 today, and I don’t expect pricing being any relevant topic at all.
    I drastically save much more money by not getting every game on day one, and if I see many others don’t, it makes me wonder how console price can be much of a a topic for them.

    • Things got a bit weird with the price of games this generation though. Some are dropping in price quite quickly now, but a lot aren’t. But then the PSN sales have got quite silly at the same time.

      Just think how much money you could save by getting a PS5 and only playing cheap old PS4 games? There’s a seriously long list of things I still haven’t played. Hopefully some of them can get special PS5 updates, with backwards compatibility being a thing. Everything running at 4K and 60fps, downscaled to 1080 if that’s what your TV wants?

      So yeah, lots of reasons why an expensive PS5 might not be such a bad deal. But it could still end badly for Sony if it’s too expensive. By the time it launches, there’ll be 100m+ PS4 owners that might think “It’s lots of money for something that’s really just an upgraded PS4”. They need to show that it’s more than just an upgraded PS4. And not make the PS3 mistake of lightly insulting everyone and suggesting you should be happy to pay that price.

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