The Clone Commando and Instant Action mode coming to Star Wars Battlefront II

Tomorrow sees the launch of the the Cooperation Update for Star Wars Battlefront II and it brings The Clone Commando to the game. 

Clone Commandos were elite operatives deployed by the Galactic Republic in high-profile missions across the galaxy. In Star Wars Battlefront II, Clone Commandos wield the DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle with an Anti-Armor Attachment, providing a lethal flexibility to engage both light and heavy targets.

Mounted on the Commando’s left arm, the repulsor releases a powerful shockwave knocking enemies off their feet. The Battle Focus Ability provides a damage reduction buff to nearby allies, while replenishing the Commando’s own health if damage is dealt to an enemy at the same time.

In other words: an all-round powerhouse on the battlefront. Time to show those clankers who’s in charge.

The update also brings the fungal planet Felucia to the game, playable in Capital Supremacy mode, plus the new PVE modes Instant Action and Co-Op game modes. Instant Action is an offline mode with large battles against AI foes.

If you are feeling a little retro then you can also unlock Luke Skywalker’s farm boy attire, as seen in A New Hope. It’s collectable through a special in-game challenge between October 11-18, where you’re tasked to eliminate 150 AI enemies in the new Co-Op mode.

Here’s a little more on the new Felucia map.

Similar to other Capital Supremacy planets, Felucia is broken up into multiple areas with each of the 5 Command Posts having a set theme.

Command Post Village
Felucian Villages have an aesthetic that almost blends into the environment, almost as if the villages had been constructed as to no obscure or take away from the natural beauty of the planet. Those defending this Command Post will want to utilize the village structures for additional cover, while also taking advantage of the slight increase in height.

Command Post Sarlacc
Very few creatures across the galaxy are as feared as the Sarlacc. Even in death the Sarlacc poses a formidable sight. What was once an area where none would dare enter, at least by their own choosing, is now a battleground for the ongoing conflict between Separatist and Clone armies on Felucia.

This Command Post is located upon a narrow structure that overlooks the now deceased Sarlacc. Defending the entrance to this structure will be pivotal should you want to keep hold of the Command Post.

Command Post Farm
Farming is an important aspect of Felucian society, as they can often be found scattered across the planet’s lush and vibrant landscape. While this one idyllic farm had spent its best years being tilled and cultivated, it’s now a location that bears the scars of battle. This Command Post is relatively open with the bulk of the cover coming in the form of various bits of equipment, but with entrances in multiple directions, you’ll need to keep an eye on out for flanking enemies.

Command Post Caves
A network of open-air caves run amongst the Felucian landscape and have become a critical area, as both the Separatists and Republic fight for control over them. A fairly secluded location, you will have to get close in order to be able to see the Command Post, as it’s located within the network of caves itself.

At least the Rancor that used to dwell here is long gone, but the remnants of it still remain.

Command Post Swamp
Used as a dropsite by the Separatists, this location in some swamplands has become of key strategic importance. This Command Post, while surrounded by fairly open terrain has considerable amount of cover in the form of a Separatist dropship and various supply crates. Make use of this cover as without it, you’ll be an easy target.

As beautiful as Felucia is, the environment can also be hostile to those that traverse its lush and vibrant landscape. Mushrooms can explode and certain plants can leave behind a hazardous gas that will harm anyone that gets caught within it.

While the planet surface is more than enough to keep your attention, you may want to glance upwards on occasion as you’ll sometimes see both the Felucian Ripper and Manta flying through the skies.

Source: EA

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