Project xCloud public preview kicks off in October, sign ups now live

Microsoft dug into their upcoming Xbox game streaming service Project xCloud, announcing a public preview stage that will kick off in October. Sign ups are live today, with the preview coming to the US, UK and South Korea before expanding out across the world.

To take part, head to and pop your name in the hat. There are just a few hardware requirements to join up: an Xbox One controller with Bluetooth and an Android smartphone or tablet. You’ll need to have a 5Ghz Wi-Fi connection or 10Mbps mobile connection as well, with partnerships with T-Mobile in the US and Vodafone in the UK to ensure the lowest latency possible.


The public preview will start with a small selection of first party games feature Halo 5: Guardians, Gears 5, Sea of Thieves, and finally Killer Instinct to show off the service’s low latency credentials. If you already have and play these games, your progress and profile will all carry on over, flowing back and forth between whatever device you want to play on.

Beyond that, there’s really very little to talk about. This is a technical test at a time when emerging rival Google Stadia is planning to launch the service fully, and there’s no details on pricing or a wider launch. Still, it will finally give us a good look into how Microsoft’s technology is shaping up.

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