State of Play – where to watch tonight’s The Last of Us Part II livestream

Today’s the day many PlayStation fans have been waiting for. Tonight, Sony and Naughty Dog will be showcasing the PS4’s most hotly anticipated exclusive: The Last of Us Part II. This will be done via a “State of Play” presentation – here’s a quick rundown of when and where to watch it, with some ideas as to what we can expect.

Sony’s will be live streaming its broadcast later this evening at 9PM BST (UK time) / 10PM CEST. For those across the pond, make sure you’re sat in front of a screen or have a phone or tablet handy. For US viewers, kick off starts at 4PM EDT on the east coast or at 1PM PDT for those on the west coast.

The broadcast will be available to watch on YouTube and other platforms including Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter. Sony has stated that the video will clock in at around the twenty minute mark. We’ve embedded it here for ease:


As with the past two State of Play broadcasts, expect this one to be a prerecorded show. As such, we doubt there will be a delay, unless Sony plans to have some kind of live footage.

Sony and Naughty Dog have been hyping up their next big reveal for The Last of Us Part II. Cryptic teasers throughout the week have shown objects from the upcoming sequel which presumably have some relevance to its characters including Ellie’s knife, a bloody hammer, and a bracelet.

It seems likely that we’ll get a fresh dose of gameplay footage to pour over, and one that could give us our first look at Part II’s Clickers instead of human enemies. Expect Sony to confirm an official release date too and maybe even announce a multiplayer beta (fingers crossed).

The Last of Us Part II will undoubtedly be hogging much of the spotlight though Sony has stated that other games will make an appearance alongside some other new announcements.

MediEvil will be showing up at some point with evidence to suggest that a demo will be dropping at some point during the broadcast. We may also see the new Batman game being worked on by Warner Bros. Montreal (though this may be making an appearance as Microsoft’s Inside Xbox stream a bit later tonight).

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