Here’s 20 new screenshots from The Last of Us Part II

Sony closed out its third State of Play showcase with what is perhaps the most anticipated game on PlayStation fans’ radars. After days of teasing us with cryptic clues, Naughty Dog dropped a new trailer for its gritty sequel, and one that packed in their trademark blend of cinematic gameplay and gripping story.

The three minute trailer gives us a better grasp on how this second chapter will play out, also revealing a February 21st 2020 release date.

If you haven’t watched it you can catch the new trailer here. In the meantime, here are 20 new screenshots to pore over.

The video kicks off with a scene between Ellie and her love interest, Dina. They’re presumably based at the settlement we glimpse at the very end of The Last of Us in Jackson County. It seems as though the community there has managed to thrive though relies on scouts to brave the wilderness for supplies and intel.

We see Ellie and Dina set off but it isn’t long before they run into trouble. We catch our first glimpse as Part II’s Clickers though there’s an even bigger threat awaiting them. Although it isn’t made explicitly clear (we don’t actually see it ourselves) Dina is kidnapped by another group and when Ellie tries to raid their hideout, they execute her.

That would probably explain why Ellie is on such a bloody revenge quest though previously we had assumed it was Joel who’d been killed.

Back at camp, we see Joel’s brother Tommy try and convince Ellie not to go looking for Dina’s killers though she ignores his pleas and we’re treated to some lovely overgrown urban vistas. There’s a lot we don’t know about the other human factions in Part II, so hopefully our next look at the game will present an antagonist of sorts.

What follows is a brutal gameplay montage in which Ellie shoots, stabs, and slashes other survivors (including a dog, which we guess you probably can’t pet). We also glimpse some more Clicker action and the return of Joel, who’s looking as handsomely rugged as ever.

It’s crazy to think that we’re less than five months away from the game’s release. Sony and Naughty Dog undoubtedly have more reveals planned with press and influencers currently getting to see a slice of the game in action. Expect preview very soon.

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