[UPDATE] Wattam has a release date and a new trailer

Wattam was announced at the PlayStation Experience all the way back in December 2014 with a suitably quirky trailer amidst a flurry of indie games, and is a collaboration between Keita Takahashi and thatgamecompany alumnus Robin Hunicke at Funomena. It shouldn’t really be surprising that Wattam is about as charming, cute and barmy as Keita Takahashi’s most notable work, the Katamari games and Noby Noby Boy.


Now we have a long-awaited update of Wattam which you can play solo or in cooperative mode. With a brand new trailer shown during State of Play a release date for this December has been confirmed. The exact date isn’t confirmed but definitely December.

The game was originally announced as a PlayStation exclusive with Sony Santa Monica helping out with development but in 2016 it was announced that was Wattam to be multi platform. Wattam will be available on the Epic Games Store and seems to be a timed exclusive.

Source: State of Play

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