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What We Played #418 – Gears 5, Borderlands 3 & Code Vein

It’s been a good few weeks for games, and not just AAA blockbusters. I spent last weekend soaking in Sayonara Wild Hearts and Untitled Goose Game, both of which were brief and brilliant, leaving me with a bit of time on my hands and wondering what else I should do with my time.

So, after bingeing a few things on the telly, I eventually decided to pick up where I left off in Ori and the Blind Forest a couple weeks ago. It turns out I was rather close to the end, and upon checking my stats on the Xbox, I discovered that I’d reached 80% completion with a gameplay time of 8:08:08 hours.

Obviously I’m never going to touch the game again, because that’s simply too good.

Nic B was the first writer to pipe up, having played an S-tonne of Magic: The Gathering Arena and a bit more of Untitled Goose Game, which he reviewed over the weekend.

Jim’s been juggling a few games, going back to beat Ryse: Son of Rome, whipping throuogh Sayonara Wild Hearts, finishing Witching Tower on PlayStation VR, and settling in to finish off Gears 5’s story.

It was the obvious Destiny 2 for Tuffcub, but he also played Habroxia for review and Batman: The Telltale Series – “That game has some serious issues, frame rate is awful and in one sequence the lighting and textures went totally AWOL!” He also returned to Modern Warfare for a spot of the campaign.

Borderlands 3 is “still great fun despite its story” in Gamoc’s opinion, who also played a bit of Uncharted 4 on a whim, which he thinks is actually starting to look a little bit old now. Meanwhile, Jason has been lots of game crashes with his continued Borderlands 3 time, but he also delivered a couple of quick verdicts on The Surge 2 – “excellent” – and Code Vein – “good fun”.

Jake popped in to tell us that he’s been playing Link’s Awakening on Switch, and with a new Xbox One SAD, he’d races through Super Lucky’s Tale, Gears 5 and Halo 3 and 4 with his mates.

Following the recommendations fo TC and Steve, Ade has been playing A Plague: Innocence, and can “thoroughly recommend it for anyone who’s looking for a compelling single player experience.” He’s also dipped into Nioh in a futile attempt to finish it before the sequel arrives next year.

Speaking of Steve, he finished off Berserk, his first proper Musou game. He’s also got the Dragon Quest and Zelda Musou games for when the genre lures him back in, but aside from that he’s been distracting himself from bad telly with Final Fantasy X on Vita and a clutch of PC games in his review pile.

Aran’s been on a FIFA 20 bender, building up his Ultimate Team and playing the single player seasons, starting off at Charlton and with three goals and two assists in just two matched. “Waiting for that England call up already…”

Finally, Dom’s righted the wrong of not having finished the Gears of War 3 campaign – “I got distracted by Horde mode many moons ago and never went back, but felt bad starting 5 without a complete picture.” It helps that it’s had the free upgrade from being Xbox One X Enhanced.

Other than that, it’s ben a lashing of GRID Autosport on Switch, some Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son, more Monster Hunter: Iceborne and some of the Planet Zoo beta, which is “quite lovely”.

Now then, what have you all been playing this past week?

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  1. Borderlands, Borderlands, MORE BORDERLANDS
    So flipping grrrrrrrrreat! (Deja Vù?)
    Anyhoo…… I have 3 trophies left just have to clesr Eridian Proving Grounds to get the Trophy as that is my last side mission (I think) and last location trophy aswell! Hopefully tonight xD

  2. Links awakening for me this week. Picked up cuphead in the Nintendo sale so will play that over the weekend. Not my type of game but will give it a go because of the incredible art style.

  3. See previous weeks for my usual VR shenanigans.

    And then add plenty of PvZ again. Still calling it Garden Warfare 3, because that’s what it is. Probably some more of that this weekend while the Reinforcements mode is there. Hopefully things like that are going to be regular events once it’s fully launched.

    A sale tempted me, and I’ve got a lot of Disgaea 1 to keep me going for a while.

    And PS Now tempted me with Vampyr, which isn’t too bad. Just a shame the combat is a bit lacking. (And that’s from the people that gave us Remember Me a few years back, which I quite enjoyed)

    Oh, and some more of Anthem, which is still just the most perfectly average game ever.

  4. Link’s Awakening to 99% (just need to buy some more Chamber Stones from the shop). It was quite short, and very easy, but I still really enjoyed it. Probs should have been a £30 game though imo.

  5. Only played Subnautica. The visuals are simply stunning, gliding just under the surface and experiencing dusk or dawn is so beautiful. And the atmosphere at 50m or more below the surface is incredible, sometimes it gets really scary, and it’s the need to explore which keeps you going, I keep having wow moments with this game. It’s a shame they never patched those awkward frame rate problems, which thankfully only occur at specific situations (like surfacing).

  6. I finished Okami HD and with it got my 100th Platinum. Okami ages just really well and is still one of my favorite games ever. It just oozes positivity and seeing an area get rejuvinated just makes me happy every time… Artstyle, music, folklore based story – its just borderline perfect.

    I then mopped up the last remaining trophies in Rebel Galaxy making it Plat 101, and then #103 with her majestys Spiffing, a harmless little point and click adventure. Some good jokes and puzzles with reasonable logical solutions. Pretty short though.

    I also started my next quest in my fight against the mighty backlog: finishing Valkyrian Chronicles, another game i already started about three times and always got distracted after a time.

    I also played a little of Sayonara Wild Hearts and Idle Champions of the forgotten Realms.

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