October’s PlayStation Plus games are now live, download links here!

Announced during Sony’s State of Play live stream last week, this month’s pair of free PlayStation Plus game are available to download right now. In case you missed it, October’s picks include The Last of Us Remastered as well as MLB The Show 19 (the baseball one).

Both games are available from now until November 4th. It goes without saying that you’ll need an active PlayStation Plus membership to get your hands on them. If – like many of us – your PlayStation 4’s hard drive is reaching full capacity, you can still add these titles to your digital library with a few button presses. Also keep in mind that any games you receive via PlayStation Plus will become inaccessible when your subscription expires.


Download your October PlayStation Plus games using the links below!

As for the games themselves, this month’s selection will come as a welcome surprise for many. Those who have somehow missed out on Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us have no excuse not to give it a fair shake now that it’s free. Combining stealth, horror, and the developer’s penchant for masterful storytelling, Sony is waving aboard a new legion of players as we eagerly approach Part II’s launch date of February 21st, 2020. Here’s everything we know about the game so far.

Hopefully, this influx of TLOU new bloods will see the game’s online Factions mode step back into the spotlight. While Naughty is often praised for its gripping singleplayer experiences, you should do yourself a favour, buddy up, and throw down in one of the most tense and tactical multiplayer titles PlayStation has to offer. We’re honestly a bit gutted that Part II won’t include this mode (not at launch, anyway).

Although you can use a baseball bat in both games, you won’t be cracking many skulls in MLB The Show 19. This PlayStation exclusive franchise is the go-to place for fans to get their virtual baseball fix and has managed to consistently hit one home run after the next, MLB The Show 19 boasting an OpenCritic rating of 86. With this year’s entry having only launched months ago, you can get a piece of the action while still fresh!

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