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Star Wars Battlefront II has some new timed quests incoming

On October 11th two Timed Quests will be released for Star Wars Battlefront II, the first such events since the May the Fourth one. The rewards for the new events are a new appearance and a new emote. The first quest is called It’s Not Impossible which will allow players to unlock Luke Skywalker’s Farmboy outfit.

The objective of the It’s Not Impossible is to defeat enemies in co-op with a total of 150 having to be taken down. It doesn’t have to be done in one go with the number tallying up. Once the target of 150 has been reached the Farmboy appearance will be automatically unlocked when you’re logged in. The second quest isn’t that tough either.


The second quest is called Exact Revenge and the objective is to assist in the capture of 15 command posts on Felucia. The reward, once these captures have been completed, is the Darth Maul Kenobi emote, which will also be automatically added. Felucia is a brand new addition to Star Wars Battlefront II, and you can read the patch notes of that update here.

Both awards will only be available during these events. Again the event runs from October 11th until October 18th.

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