Virgin Media customers to get extra in game items for Marvel Avengers

Square Enix has teamed up with British internet and mobile provider Virgin Media for a new deal that will give Virgin customers “exclusive in-game items” for Marvel’s Avengers when it launches in May next year. There will also be competitions and giveaways of merchandise during the promotional period.

“We want to deliver amazing experiences for our customers and, with our out-of-this-world Marvel’s Avengers partnership, we’re assembling an incredible line up of exclusives for Virgin Media customers,” said Cilesta Van Doorn, director of brand and marketing at Virgin Media. “From in-game perks to amazing competitions and giveaways, gamers will be able to take their online play to new heights.


“Avengers is one of the most revered and successful entertainment franchises in the world, so giving our customers a host of incredible experiences linked to one of the most anticipated games makes this a powerful alliance. We are planning to blow the minds of our customers with this partnership so stay tuned for future announcements.”

We went hands on with Marvel’s Avenger at Gamescom.

“It actually all feels like this can come together quite nicely,” reported Tef. “Again, Marvel Ultimate Alliance shows that this kind of superhero team up works well for superheroes, and we know the eternal delights of Destiny’s online co-op all too well. The marketing plan might be a little mystifying and needlessly obscure the gameplay right now, but they will eventually show off some more meaningful gameplay with a co-op reveal in early 2020. I’m cautiously optimistic.”

However, when Miguel played the game at E3 he was a little more cautious, ” As sharp as the graphics are, the character designs are a rough combo of unoriginal costumes and frighteningly generic faces that just remind us these aren’t the cast from the MCU,” he said.

It has also been revealed that there will be micro-transactions in the game but they will only be “things that allow players to express their own identity,” so think skins and outfights for you favourite characters.

Source: MCV

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