Apex Legends’ Halloween inspired Fight or Fright event kicks off next week

Respawn has revealed the next major event that will be taking place in Apex Legends and it is called Fight or Fright, in the spirit of Halloween. Fight or Fright will be a Collection event which means it is an event with a limited-time mode and has specific challenges in which cosmetics can be earned. The limited-time mode during this event is Shadowfall.

In Shadowfall the Kings Canyon map will have a night setting and it will feature up to 35 players. Yes, it is smaller than normal but there’s a twist to this solo battle royale. Should your character be killed they will respawn as a member of the Shadow Squad. Shadow Squad characters don’t have access to weapons or abilities but have increased movement speed and a very powerful melee attack. When there are only ten living players left they have to work together to get to the evacuation zone while fighting back against the Shadow Squad. It won’t be easy as Shadow Squad members have unlimited respawns.


The key features are below.

  •  Limited Time Mode – Shadowfall
    • Featuring a nighttime version of Kings Canyon
  • Exclusive event challenges with free earnable cosmetics, including Two Legendary Weapon Skins
  • 24 Event Limited premium cosmetics that players can now unlock in one of three ways:
    • Direct purchase for Apex Coins
    • Direct unlock with Crafting Metals
    • Random unlock with Event Apex Packs
      •  Additionally, the Event Currency in these packs has been replaced with non-event loot drops, yielding more loot overall
  • Lifeline Heirloom Set Preview
    • Unlock all 24 Fight or Fright pack cosmetics during the event and unlock the Lifeline Heirloom set for free
  • Double XP for Top 5 & Wins Weekend

The Fight or Fright challenges and rewards include:

  • First login during event – Fight or Fright music pack
  • Kill 1 shadow in Shadowfall – Fight or Fright Badge Tier 1
  • Kill 50 shadows in Shadowfall – Fight or Fright Badge Tier 2
  • Escape in the Dropship 25 times in Shadowfall – Fight or Fright Badge Tier 3
  • Kill 25 loot bin spiders or zombies in Shadowfall – R301 Ghostly Graveyard weapon skin
  • Kill 50 Legends in Shadowfall – Octane Wildfire skin
  • Win as both a legend and shadow in Shadowfall – Devotion Nocturnal Elegance weapon skin
  • Complete 20 Daily Challenges – Alternator Haymaker weapon skin

Fight or Fright will begin on October 15th and run until November 15th.

Source: Respawn

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