Marvel’s Avengers: Damage Control brings back an old foe for VR

Marvel has released the first trailer for a new VR game, Avengers: Damage Control which has been developed ILMxLAB, a team founded by Lucasfilm in 2015 to ”embrace the next truly transformative opportunity in entertainment”.

The game places you in the shoes of a new rookie Avenger with a suit which has been created by Shuri  which combines the tech of Iron Man and Black Panther. It’s your job to fight off the robotic hoard of returning big bad, Ultron!


The game seems to be set post Endgame so Tony Stark, Black Widow, and Captain America are not present but the rest of the team are present including Hulk, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, and Ant-Man. These all appear to be voiced by their movie counterparts apart from The Wasp who sounds nothing like Evangeline Lilly.

The game looks like your standard on the rails shooter but looks pretty spectacular as it is running on some high end hardware. The game is only playable at select The Void locations in the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and randomly, Malaysia. There are plans for two The Void locations in the UK but the bad news is that one is in the Westfield shopping complex in London and the other is in… the Westfield Stratford City shopping complex in London.

Other VR experiences at The Void include games based on Ghostbusters, Wreck It Ralph, and Star Wars. Although the game is only available at The Void at present there is a chance it could come to PC VR headseys. ILMxLAB have also created Vader Immortal: A Star Wars Story which is exclusive to Oculus Quest.

PlayStation VR owners won’t be feeling too left out as they are getting a full game based on Iron Man, which launches on February 28th 2020. Iron Man VR will be available to buy physically and won’t cost as much as your typical new release. The standard edition will set you back £34.99 with a “Digital Deluxe” version being priced at £44.99.

Those who pre-order the game will unlock 4 “Custom Armor Decos” which basically alter the default costume’s colour pattern. You’ll also get a PlayStation 4 dynamic theme to boot.

Source: YouTube

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