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What We Played #420 – Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Ghost Recon Breakpoint & Borderlands 3

I’ve finally hit a tipping point with my backlog this week, after I realised that I’ve not managed to finish a bunch of Sony’s single player games this generation. God of War? Nope. Horizon: Zero Dawn? Nopey nope. Spider-Man? Nooooooo, and what is wrong with me? So that’s my task now, and last night’s extended Spider-Man session was brilliant! Almost like it’s one of the best games of the last few years.

This should mean that I have a good couple of months ahead of me at least, and with the Christmas release schedule not really setting my world on fire this year, it’ll mean I can finally catch up, just in time for the start of the next generation!

Other than Spider-Man, I’ve been playing some obligatory Monster Hunter: Iceborne, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and the lovely Concrete Genie.

Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2, Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered, Jet Kave Adventure, and Into The Dead 2, reviews for which will be ready soon – actually they’re in the “to publish” pile already, we’ve just been having some… trying times with our site this week.

Aran took one for the team this week and reviewed Ghost Recon Breakpoint, describing it as “a bloated mess covering a fun experience”, and someof  FIFA 20’s pro career mode – “My striker is the top scorer in the Championship so I have that going for me”. He’s also finished Wanderlust for review “which is a very good interactive novel style of game”.

Jason has been playing a game called Minecraft, and thinks it could be a bit of a sleeper hit. He’s also having a bit more fun with Borderlands 3 after stepping up the difficulty to the max – “Why they locked that behind so much gameplay is beyond me, but hey.” – and he returned to the excellent martial arts of Absolver.

It’s been a bit of Castle Crashers Remastered this week and Horizon Chase Turbo with his son for Ade, but he’s spent much of his free time catching up with the insane amount of professional wrestling from last week. “AEW, NXT, and IMPACT were all excellent. Shame about that bloody dreadful Hell in a Cell PPV”.

Nic B has been hunting for puns in Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. “There are more puns in that game than you could shake a stick at. It’s unbeelievable!” Meanwhile, Jake has just been grinding his life away on Destiny 2, and dipped back into Halo 5 to play its single player campaign on Legendary difficulty.

Jim is bouncing from game to game as he readies himself for the end-of-year rush. “Beat Saber has been a constant go-to and I also managed to wrap up Ghost Giant on PSVR which is a great little interactive storybook. I’ve also spent a lot of time with The Last of Us Remastered – the Factions multiplayer, specifically. It’s been many years since that mode first made its debut but it’s still great fun even if a little rough around the edges”.

It’s mostly been Borderlands 3 for Gareth, partly continuing to get better loot for his first character, Flak, and partly playing through again with Zane. He’s found the unskippable cutscenes more than a bit annoying, but has escaped this by heading into VR for Blood and Truth, and playing Star Wars Battlefront II, “because there aren’t any other games where you can play as Darth Maul and destroy a tank by jumping onto and stabbing it.”

Steve has played lots of A Knight’s Quest, but stumbled upon a rather bad bug while preparing our review. He’s also been plugging away at Final Fantasy X on Vita and pottering around in a bunch of PC games.

Miguel has spent this week keeping up with Gundam Battle Operation 2, “which continues to be probably the best Gundam game I’ve ever played”. He’s also been playing a bunch of Legend of Heroes: Cold Steel III as well, and Sonic & Mario at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 “which is just fun as hell, I can’t believe nobody told me these games were good, I’m addicted.”

Joining the Borderlands 3 crew was Nick P, who’s farming for legendaries and crafting endgame builds. He’s also jumped back into Overwatch and had a rip-roaringly good time in Killer Queen Black.

And finally, Tef has re-embraced the grind of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, as he hopes to be able to wrap up our review of the game. When not doing that, he kept his ring fit and felt the heat at some game events. Whatever could that mean?

Now then, what have you all been playing?

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  1. Some of my usual VR things, of course. And for anyone with a Fancyhat, there’s supposed to be a free Battle Royale mode/demo thing for Honor and Duty: D-Day released today or a few days ago and it went wrong with Sony or something. Worth a look and might tempt people into the full game for a massive £7. Hopefully there’ll be lots of victims (or “new players” if you must). If it’s live by then, I’m sure a lot of the regular players will give the BR mode a go on Sunday evening (the busiest time for the game)

    The VR sale tempted me with Table of Tales. A cute little VR RPG. Done as a proper tabletop thing. Pick your characters up (with a single, perfectly tracked Move controller) and move them. Actions are all card you pick up and drop on enemies. Very basic RPG, but VR adds something to it. Various story paths, so some replay value. (The early choice is to throw 1 of the 4 characters overboard. Which involves just that. Pick him up and throw him in the sea)

    Quite a bit of PvZ:GW3 (I’m still going to call it that). I’m liking the weekly special modes. Acorns vs Space Cadets is far too much fun.

    Another sale persuaded me on Hitman 2. With all the DLC. So that’ll keep me going for a while. And now I want the sniper mode in VR with the Aim controller. Maybe for Hitman 3 on the PS5? (That’s got to be a thing eventually, hasn’t it?)

    I’m sure there was some other stuff too. Free DLC for Trover Save the Universe (even more sweary and just plain wrong compared to the main game). And not so free but still cheap DLC for Arizona Sunshine. (Why did I look down???!?)

  2. I’ve been enjoying Uncharted 4 again this week, almost done now. It looks like quite a few people will be returning to Bloodborne for Halloween so i’ll have to jump into that next – more players means more chances of finding co-op partners so it’s an ideal time to get past a tricky boss and move on.

    As i haven’t renewed my PS plus for a while now, i grabbed Pixeljunk Shooter in the sale as it’s a game i enjoyed very much when it was ‘free’. I also grabbed Megaton Rainfall for my PSVR backlog.

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