Fortnite ends in a spectacular black hole, but when will it be back online?

Ten seasons of Fortnite came to a conclusion yesterday evening when The Visitor’s rocket took to the skies, meteors rained down, and missiles exploded. If you have not been following the game, The Visitor was fixing time after things went awry during the huge monster battle in season 9.

Players found themselves floating in to the air as the world crumbled around them and everything, including those playing, was sucked in to a massive black hole. The game has been offline since then and those who try to log on find themselves staring a black hole.


You can watch the epic conclusion in the video below, watch out for the Battle Bus flying past in to the back hole at end, a nice touch.

Amazingly, even the Fortnite UI has been sucked in the black hole as you can see in the video below.

The big question is, when will Fortnite be back? All of the Fortnite social media accounts have gone dark and the game has been removed from Twitch, a wonderful stunt to build hype but I am sure there are an awful lot of casual gamers out there who are looking for answers and getting very frustrated. Datamaners have been searching through the code for the game and  Lucas7yoshi predicts the game will return on Thursday at around 9am BST.

That’s four whole days without Fortnite, how will the internet cope?!? Over 4.2 million people watched the game conclude and the viewer count was were so high Twitch crumbled under the strain. When the game returns it will be as Fortnite: Chapter 2, complete with a brand new map and boats.

You can still play a game in Fortnite while you wait, enter the Konami code ( ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A) on the black whole screen and you can play a Vidcurry mini-game.

Source: YouTube / Twitter 1/2/3

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  1. Bonkers. Not a fan of the game myself but my son and his mates were going nuts yesterday when all this was going on. Nuts in a fun and speculating way and even though we limit his time on the game it’ll do him good to take a few days off. Fair play to Epic as it’s got people talking. I blame Prince Harry myself….

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