Agony Switch release date confirmed, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger teased

News regarding not one but two game ports that are (or maybe are) heading to the Nintendo Switch. First up is Agony which was confirmed for the console a while back, though at the time there was no date. Today the official Agony Twitter confirmed that the release date will be October 31st aka Halloween.

When Steve reviewed Agony after its original release it didn’t fare too well. He wrote:

Agony is, true to its name and intentions, a hellish experience. My excitement for the game was quickly quashed behind bugs, crashes and unbalanced gameplay, failing to live up to the potential of the game’s core ideas and outstanding visual design. I hope that I can travel back to Hell following some substantial patching but, as things stand, Agony is torture in all the wrong ways.

You can read the full Agony review here.

We have to back six years when looking at the original release date for the next game being teased for the Nintendo Switch, and that game is Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. The tease came after VG247 was sent a postcard referencing the game and showing the character playing on a Nintendo Switch. The announcement itself will be taking place on October 24th at 12pm PT/ 3PM ET/ 8PM CST. Last year the Call of Juarez Facebook page was updated and there was speculation of a Gunslinger remaster following the licence returning back to Techland.

Source: Twitter/VG247

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