Agony Unrated Announced

Agony had a lot of promise but turned out to be a bit of a mess with quite a few technical problems that distracted from the game in all versions. However, that wasn’t the main problem according to some people, the problem was that some content was cut so it could make it on to consoles. You can watch some it here if you really want to, including killing babies and the rape of a succubus in first person.

“We are aware that the premiere of our first game was disappointing for many players, as numerous technical errors and censored content effectively distracted from the game,” say MadMind Studios. “We would like to apologize for the mistakes we made and to compensate players for a long time waiting for the UNRATED version, making it available at a significantly lower price.”


The unrated will only be available on Steam and it seems they’ve gone about making it in a rather odd way.

Unfortunately, but the contracts we have in force, both publishing and rating, blocked us from releasing the patch and removing the censorship from the game. Any lawsuit related to the violation of these rules would most likely lead to the closure of our studio.

To release Agony Unrated, we had to choose an alternative route and remain in the shadows by announcing the suspension of our work on the game. Today, after a few months since the release of Agony, the deadline for contracts binding us has passed and we can share these details with you.

It seems like Unrated is being treated as a new game, rather than a patch, hence they suspended work on the old version. Presumably that means any further patches for the console versions are dead in the water, although they have announced the original version is now coming to Switch.

Source: Press release

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  1. Sufficient ammo here for those who blame videogames for nutcases.

    On a personal interest level, no thanks, not now and not ever.

  2. Yeah, don’t click that link. This stuff is seriously messed up and I’d be quite happy for the studio to close down. It’s not the baby killing so much (they have adult heads and look like odd beings rather than babies), but the rape scene is hideously graphic. Bet it’s still a #@*% game, devs hoping that it’s shocking content will sell it.

  3. Terrible game.

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