Stranded Sails walkthrough part two – finding your crew

This is the second part in our Stranded Sails guide. Picking up from where we left off (here’s part one), we’ve just found Fritz and brought him back to the island, learning how to fish in the process. This next section of the walkthrough will help you locate the remaining crew members, piece together an ancient sword, and begin unearthing the islands’ mysteries.

Tinker, Tailor, Fry

One of the fish you catch has a bottle with a message inside, revealing the locations of Teresa, Brenda, and Cecille. Fritz will also hand you an old sardine tin as a reward, allowing you to carry an extra food item.

After speaking to Charles, he’ll send to you search the three nearby islands scattered to the south and west. Make sure you stock up on food before you set off while also checking in on your farm and the stew pot. You have a long journey ahead

You can visit the three islands in any order you wish but we’ll start in the northwest first. Mark it on your map and you’ll have a helpful arrow appear on-screen to guide you while rowing. Disembark at the eastern shore and move your way inland, checking crates on the way to find cane sugar, carrots, eggplants, metal scraps, and other items.

You’ll come to an abandoned settlement. Whip out your telescope and search the rickety structures to find Teresa nearby. Search the area thoroughly before talking to her as this will teleport back to base.

Next you’ll head for the southern island, which can be harder to navigate by boat thanks to the mangroves scattered along its coastline. Make your way to the centre of south shore to find Brenda close to a cave.

Chef Cecille is the final crew member you need to recruit. This time make your way to the bottom left corner of your map – Cecille can be found in the northwest region of this island. Once again, take some time to explore the surrounding area for food, seeds, crafting materials, and collectibles (these should come in handy later on in the game).

Together Again

Take a guess what comes next? Cabin fever. Go and find Logan and he’ll begin the preparations to build three makeshift homes for the new arrivals.

If you haven’t been scouring the surrounding islands for extra construction materials then now is the time to go back. You’ll need metal scraps as well as fragments of hardwood and rope. Go to Logan’s crafting table and create the exact parts you need for each cabin.

Once done you’ll talk with Charles again before collecting a reward from each of the new homeowners. Teresa will increase your food carry capacity by one. Cecille will offer some spices to cook with. Brenda, meanwhile, will give you a treasure map. Interesting. It seems to point to three locations, each one harbouring the parts needed to craft an ancient sword.

Quest For The Sword

Before you go looking for the sword, it’s probably a good idea to take stock. At this point it would help to max out the farm so that you have a constant influx of crops every time you return to base. Make sure you’re cooking stew whenever you can, too. This will unlock enhanced versions of your items such as a new shovel, bucket, watering bucket, and fishing pole.

Heading to the farthest island in the northwest, simply use the treasure map to find this first piece of the sword on the shoreline. You’ll see a golden glimmer that, when dug up, reveals a treasure chest containing the sword blade.

Take your rowboat south, keeping the west side of the next island. Follow the shore south and consult your treasure map to find the hilt in a buried chest next to a smattering of crates and barrels.

If you’ve got enough food and stamina, you may be able to collect all three pieces of the ancient sword in one run. If not, head back to base and rest up.

Again, like the two previous islands, keep to the shore. You won’t have to look far for the final piece of the sword – it’s on the shore close to the caves. Now you’ve got the grip, make your way back to Brenda at camp. She tells you that it will take a while to restore the sword so go and visit Charles.

Building Bridges

After a brief chat, he’ll send you back to Brenda who has a nice little surprise for you. She’ll give you a bridge building kit that can be used in the area just south of your camp, up the hill behind Brenda’s cabin.

Take this path and it will lead you to an ancient pyramid-like ruin overlooking the entire island. There are three pedestals here marked with cryptic symbols as well as three monuments praising the feats of warriors long dead. Mysterious stuff. Time to go and fill Charles in on these latest discoveries…

Now that you have the ability to craft bridges and climbing ropes, your next task is to go and visit previously explored locations which will now have new areas you can access (these should be marked on your map). This part of the game can be a bit of a grind as it requires you hunt for crafting materials then go back to base to make the requisite kits. This involves zipping between islands and occasionally waiting for item crates to respawn.

At this point in the game you’ll also receive the sword but we’re not quite ready to use that right now…

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