Dead By Daylight The Archives detailed in new trailer, Rift Pass system confirmed

Dead By Daylight will soon be receiving an update called The Archives which will add another layer to the survival horror game. The Archives encompasses two elements which are split between Tomes and the Rift. The trailer gives details on what those two things are and how they work, but there’s a written description too.


The Archives feature will be available to every player and most of the content will be available for free. First off are the Tomes which are challenges that players choose to undertake, and will be rewarded with free content should these challenges be completed. There are multiple paths in the Tomes with each one leading to different rewards, so you may have to choose carefully which ones you want first. The Tomes can be completed at any time and are always available.

The Rift is another system that gives both free and premium content. The premium content is available through the Rift Pass, basically a battle pass. The Rifts start the beginning of a new Tome but are only available for a limited time themselves. Once that time is up the rift is closed and will not be accessible again. Each Tome that is added will bring new challenges for players to try out and rewards to earn.

Tome 1 is called Awakening and will allow players to earn three new cosmetic charms, as well as cosmetics for characters.

Source: YouTube

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