When can you play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Here’s the launch times around the world

The highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out in just a few days, with Infinity Ward rebooting the long running series around a retelling of the 2007 game’s classic FPS story and some major new modes that will really shake up the multiplayer. But when can you finally play it? Well, the official street date is on Friday 25th October, but if you’re buying digitally it’s really not as simple as that, depending on your platform and region.


Pre-loading of the game on consoles has been underway since last week for those pre-ordering the game. For PC players buying via Battle.net, pre-loads go live tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd October at 10AM PDT (that’s 6PM in the UK and 7PM in Europe). You should have plenty of time to download before the game is live.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One pre-orders will be going live at midnight local time on Friday, 25th October in every region outside of North America. On that continent, you instead have a unified launch time of 6PM PDT / 7PM MDT / 8PM CDT / 9PM EDT on Thursday 24th October.

PC players also have a unified start time, matching up with the North America console launch. That means it’s 6PM PDT on Thursday 24th October, and whatever that translates to for you locally – here in the UK, it’s 2AM on the 25th. Here’s a handy graphic to illustrate:

Of course, if you’re buying a physical copy of the game, you don’t have to worry about any of this, and it’s all down to when you can convince Ben at Game to hand you your copy, or when your postie is going to drop it through your letterbox.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches after a string of public beta tests for its multiplayer – the biggest in the series’ history – making sure that it’s ready for the first cross-platform entry in the series. Not only that, but the final stages of the beta saw Infinity Ward kick open the doors to its reinvented Ground War mode. Imitating Call of Duty’s lead rival, Battlefield, this match type is played on bigger maps with vehicles and the scope to extend the max player count to 100. Along with Spec Ops and more intimate focus with its single player campaign, it’s easy to see where all the excited for Modern Warfare is coming from.

Source: Activision, Charlie Intel

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