Bossa is giving away three game prototypes including Trash Bandits

Bossa Studios are giving away three brand new game prototypes all of which feature cute animals. Pigeon Simulator, I Am Fish and Trash Bandits will all be available to download tomorrow, October 30th.

Pigeon Simulator simulates pigeons about as succesfuly as Goat Simulator simulated goats, but does give you a sandbox in which you can get up to all sorts of mischief with sky rats.

The trailer for the sandbox game shows the pigeons flying in tight formation (which they don’t in real life), carrying skateboards (which they don’t in real life), destroying bus shelters (which they… you get the idea), wearing bread, and lifting humans off the ground. They also seem to be able to target where they poop and can be seen trying to crap on a bystander, so at least they are simulating one thing correctly.

I Am Fish is a marble rolling game, except your marble has a fish living inside it, and Trash Bandits, which looks the most fun by far, has a team of foxes working as refuse collectors.

“We create more than 100 prototypes every year at our regular in-house game jams and Bossa Presents is our way of showcasing just a handful of them,” said Imre Jele, Co-Founder and Creator-in-Chief at Bossa Studios. “Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and Worlds Adrift all began as jamlets before being developed into prototypes and then into full releases. With Bossa Presents we’re inviting players to dive in at this prototype stage, have fun playing the games, and give us valuable feedback on what could become a full release.”

Source: YouTube

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