Hitman 2 November roadmap marks the game’s one year anniversary

It has been one year since Hitman 2 released. This gen’s one at least. The original Hitman 2 released all the way back in 2002. To mark the one year anniversary of the new Hitman 2 IO Interactive has released details of the November roadmap to show what content budding assassins can look forward to. It’ll be a bumper month with a total of 10 featured contracts, eight escalation contracts, six challenge packs, five item unlocks, two suit unlocks and a Legacy elusive target.


On November 7th two legacy escalations will be available and they are the Teague Temptation in Paris and the Bahadur Dexterity in Marrakesh. The first has challenges like no pacifications, fall accidents only, and no disguise changes. The second is about stealing from a safe with battle axes being involved somehow. The Breaking and Entering challenge pack (formerly known as the Great Heist) will be available at the same time with completion awarding the ICA titanium crowbar.

On November 14th another escalation will be available and that is called The Montague Audacity with the setting being Santa Fortuna. There will also be some featured contracts based on the theme of special occasions. Then there are the legacy challenge packs of the Master Fortune Teller in Marrakesh which unlocks the TAC 4 S/A Desert, and the Art of Revenge in Hokkaido which unlocks the masamune katana.

On November 19th there are two more escalations and they are The Arthin Occultation in Bangkok, and the Szilassi Darkness in Sapienza. The Blake’s Endeavour challenge pack will also arrive on the same day with players going to the Isle of Sgail to earn the Arkian tuxedo. Alongside the new challenge pack are the legacy challenge packs the Plumber’s Apprentice in Sapienza where the claw hammer is earnable, and Master Sniper also in Sapienza which awards the Jaeger 7 Covert rifle.

On November 22nd the players have the opportunity to hunt down the legacy elusive target The Fixer in Marrakesh. It’s one of the tougher targets as Agent 47 needs to collect diamonds after the exchange of the goods has taken place. On November 28th another three escalations and this time it’s the McCallister Ransack in Whittleton Creek along with The Quimby Quandary on the Isle of Sgail. The final escalation is the Bartholomew Hornswoggle on Haven Island and here players have the opportunity to unlock the Buccaneer outfit.

Outside of content November 19th will be the final major patch as more of the team transition over to the next Hitman game, with 2020 content plans for Hitman 2 to focus on featured contracts.

Source: IO Interactive

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