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PS5 games will be aided by Sony’s new first party studio

Sony is set to open a new studio in Malaysia next year it has been confirmed, expanding the company’s worldwide network of game developers .

The news comes via the country’s Minister of Communications and Multimedia, YB Tuan Gobind Singh Deo, who made the following statement.

“With this establishment, Malaysia will be working closely with Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios to create more opportunities for the local and regional games industry. Together, we will work to uplift creative talents in Malaysia and even establish a partnership with our local educational partners. This is to ensure that accelerated growth of the industry in our country will be supported.”

This is Sony’s first game studio in the Southeast Asia region and one that will leverage Malaysia’s talent burgeoning talent within the entertainment industry. It’s unclear exactly what this new team will be working on (we know nothing about Sony’s launch slate for the PlayStation 5 as of yet) though the studio will be aiding the development of upcoming games in the areas of art and animation.

Earlier this year, Sony acquired another studio for its stable of first party developers. Having worked closely with Insomniac Games for more than two decades, Sony finally snatched up the legendary creators of Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clanks, and the more recent Marvel’s Spider-Man.

For those keeping count Sony will have 15 studios dotted around the world, all of them focused on creating games for the company’s upcoming PlayStation 5 console.

These teams include Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital, Sucker Punch, and Media Molecule, among many others such as Guerrilla Games whose managing director and co-founder, Herman Hulst, recently became PlayStation’s new head of Worldwide Studios.

Former head and public PlayStation persona, Shuhei Yoshida, has stepped down from the role to help focus on nurturing independent game developers.

Sony has yet to show us a proper PS5 reveal though many speculate we’ll get our first look early next year. It was recently confirmed that the console will launch next holiday season (read: Christmas 2020) with an updated controller that has built in haptic feedback.


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