Star Wars Battlefront II’s Capital Supremacy matches updated to be shorter

EA DICE has been keeping an eye on Star Wars Battlefront II’s Capital Supremacy mode and has found that some matches are lasting a bit too long. Long, in this case, being over two hours on the rare occasion. As a result, some changes are coming out to reduce the amount of time players spend in a single Capital Supremacy match, so matches will be shorter on a more regular basis. One of the changes was reducing the final objective health from 5000 to 3000, and you can see the rest of the changes below.

  • Reduced Hp of final objectives (2000 was 3000)

  • Increased overtime (10 was 5)

  • Increased base time (360 was 300)

  • Increased bonus time (180 was 120)

  • Reduced boarding time (30 was 45)

These changes are rolling out but if you’re in a Capital Supremacy match that hasn’t got these changes in yet don’t panic. Those matches will have the old settings and won’t be disrupted to update. EA DICE is keen to know how the change is met by the community so if you do play Capital Supremacy and have something to say about these changes then message them on social media or through the official forum channels.

Source: Reddit

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