Rainbow Six Siege Y4S4 operators teased ahead of full reveal

Ubisoft has given Siege fans a sneak peak at the new gadgets they’ll be playing with in the game’s upcoming season.

Operation Shifting Tides, like previous seasons, will introduce two near playable operators, taking the total roster count up to 52.


While we don’t have a lot of details in regards to these new arrivals, there are some vital clues to give us a rough idea of who they are and how they’ll perform in combat.

A new video uploaded by Ubisoft provides a clear overview of the gadgets these CTU specialists will be bringing into battle with them.

First up, the minute long teaser gets up close and personal with the CSRX 300, belonging to one of the operators coming in Shifting Tides. Gun nuts in the Siege community will spot that this is a bolt action rifle – the first we’ve seen added to the game.

However what this video focuses on is the LV Explosive Lance, a projectile that can be fired from the CSRX 300, sticking to surfaces and then destroying gadgets within its proximity upon detonation.

In the same teaser (an in-lore gadget research test being carried out by fan favourite operator, Mira) we also get to see the Mag-NET in action.

Funnily enough, this newly introduced gadget is a direct counter to the LV Explosive Lance. The puck shaped device looks as though it can be attached to a surface, creating a zone that will catch any incoming projectiles.

It seems to be an alternative to Jager’s Active Defence System though one that magnetically anchors projectiles, briefly holding them in stasis before detonating them.

Back in February when the team at Ubisoft Montreal laid out its entire Siege content roadmap for the year, it confirmed that Y4S4 would introduce one operator from Kenya and another from India.

The lore entry attached to the video suggests that we’ll see an attacking Indian sniper and a projectiles grabbing Kenyan defender.

Shifting Tides will be revealed during a panel at the Pro League Season X finals currently being held in Tokoname, Japan this weekend. Expect the panel broadcast to go live just before the final match.

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