Nioh 2 questionnaire asks open beta players to rate the experience

A questionnaire has been published by Sony to get feedback regarding the recent Nioh 2 open beta which was available throughout the first week of November on PS4. The questionnaire is asking players to rate factors such as difficulty, graphics, music and sound effects, as well as gameplay elements such as Yokai Shift and burst attacks and burst counters. The reason for this questionnaire is to help shape the development of Nioh 2, and you can find the questionnaire here.


In Nioh 2 players will traverse both the human world and Yokai world as the protagonist is half human and half Yokai. If you’re having Nioh 2 withdrawals and have PS Plus you can grab Nioh now as part of the November games. Nioh 2 was originally very briefly confirmed at E3 2018.

Nioh 2 will be released on March 13th, 2020.

Source: PlayStation

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