The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator video looks at aerodynamics

A new developer video has been released for Flight Simulator that focuses on the aerodynamics and how the atmospheric air mass conditions have been changed. This means that turbulence will be more accurate and will include storms and supercells. Along with those changes, the core physics has been changed with improved frictions and bumps on the ground will feel more realistic. The plane systems have been overhauled too so the displays on the plane’s dashboard will be accurate to show what is happening.


In a previous video, the development team gave a look at the world, and the facts of that are impressive. The game is relying on 2 petabytes of map data which has every city, every road, every mountain and every airport on the planet in the game. Flight Simulator will be using Azure AI to also populate the locations of trees and improve building generation. The game can also run offline which will include most of the data but obviously not everything like it would should it be connected to the internet.

Flight Simulator is expected to release in 2020 for PC and Xbox One.

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  1. Laminar Research must just cry every time one of these videos comes out. Everything looks amazing!

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