EVE Echoes open beta is out now on Android and iOS

CCP Games and NetEase have confirmed that the mobile spin-off of EVE Online, EVE Echoes, is now available in open beta for iOS and Android devices. It is only available in select areas and those are Australia, USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, South Korea and New Zealand. With EVE Echoes CCP and NetEase are looking to bring the space MMO experience to people on the go, but there won’t be a direct crossover with the main MMO as the mobile game is set in an alternate New Eden.


The EVE Echoes open beta has new modules, more advanced ships, and drones over the closed alpha. An Interstellar Trading Center has also been added along with a tutorial and new storyline missions.  In terms of the specs on iOS, players need to download the Testflight app.

You can download EVE Echoes on Android here. The link to download Testflight on iOS can be found here.

Source: Press Release

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