Rust Instrument DLC Pack out now along with update that adds legs

Facepunch Studios has released the Instrument Pack for Rust, and it is the first piece of paid DLC for the multiplayer survival title. The pack adds components for players to craft ten different instruments including a wheelbarrow piano, xylobones, and a junkyard drum kit. The full list of instruments and the components in the pack can be seen after the trailer. The pack itself will cost $10.

  • Wheelbarrow Piano (200 Wood, 100 Metal Frags)
  • Junkyard Drum Kit (200 Wood, 100 Metal Frags)
  • Shovel Bass (50 Wood, 75 Metal Frags)
  • Sousaphone (100 Metal Frags)
  • Jerry Can Guitar (25 Wood, 50 Metal Frags)
  • Xylobones (50 Bone Fragments)
  • Plumber’s Trumpet (75 Metal Frags)
  • Cowbell (35 Metal Frags)
  • Canbourine (25 Metal Frags)
  • Pan Flute (20 Metal Frags, 5 Cloth)

The thing is you don’t need to buy the pack to get access to the musical instruments. If you find a player corpse equipped with an instrument or are gifted one then you can play that instrument for as long as you want. There is also a new music stage at the Compound where players can go and play with the different instruments. There were also some fixes that are detailed below.

  1. First Person Legs
  2. Load Times Optimization
  3. World Streaming
  4. Exploit and Hack Fixes
  5. Monument Mesh Optimizations
  6. More Texture Streaming
  7. Player Dressing Optimizations
  8. Horse Improvements
  9. Third Person Weapon Animations
  10. Sound Priorities
  11. Chat Improvements and Fixes
  12. Bug Fixes

A few weeks ago Rust was confirmed to be coming to PS4 and Xbox One with it due at some point in 2020, though a specific release date is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Press Release

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