GTA Online’s Diamond Casino heist coming next week

Rockstar has announced the biggest ever heist for Grand Theft Auto Online and players will be able to try and rob The Diamond Casino & Resort. Players will be working with the Cheng family to bring some revenge against the Duggan family, and this whole plot will kick off on December 12th. Players will have a number of different missions to tackle which will influence how the heist goes down, with players having different ways to pull off the break in.

Once inside the resort players will have different ways to get to the vault with choices coming up during the mission, where situations such as security patterns changing will mean plans need to change on the move. The ideal heist will be carried out with minimal disruption with the team getting in and out without the target knowing what happened until its too late, a bit like Ocean’s 11, or if things go wrong then try and shoot your way out, a bit like in The Town.

Players will have access to a new front business in the form of a retro arcade. On the main floor it’ll be a proper arcade but in the basement, the crew will be preparing for the Heist by practicing hacking keypads and breaking locks while also storing gear such as getaway vehicles. More details will be released closer to the time of the heist going live.

Source: Rockstar

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