Paper Beast is another world from the creator of Another World, now coming to PSVR in 2020

One of the more unusual trailers from today’s State of Play, Paper Beast is a game described as VR ecosystem and coming from the creator of Another World. Having been revealed back in April, the game is now destined for release in early 2020.


From the mind of Eric Chahi, this looks like a truly unique experience. The world is populated by creatures seemingly made out of paper, though they are narratively the result of big data. Delving into the memory banks of a data server, an ecosystem of these creatures, made up of lost code and forgotten algorithms, have gained a semblance of life.

You can step into this world through PSVR, exploring and witnessing how the different creatures react. You can even interact, using PS Move to grab them from a distance, shackle them, manipulate the sandy dunes, grow paper trees, and more.

It’s sure to be one of the more intriguing VR games out in 2020.

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