PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds updated on console to version 5.3, patch notes here

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, more simply known as PUBG and the game that truly kicked off the battle royale genre, has been updated today on consoles. The console version is now on version 5.3 and adds better blood spatter and spray so you know if you’ve got a good hit on someone, a death cam to see how you died, you can set a favourite weapon, and you’ll also be able to see what platforms other players are playing.

There are a number of other changes and you can see the full details below.

PUBG 5.3 console update


“Bloody realistic”

Blood effect improvement

  • The size of the blood splash is unified across all color settings
  • Headshots including the neck area produce more distinct visual effect to ensure clear identification of hit
  • Blood splatter will be shown on walls and floors if the character is hit near it.
  • Wounds on characters will now provide more precise information on which body parts have been hit

Vending machine

  • Reduced the maximum number of vending machine uses from 15 to 10

Death Cam

  • Players can now view how they were killed with the new Death Cam feature!
  • Death Cam button (PS4: Square / Xbox: X) will be activated a few seconds after death in the results screen.

Continuous Item Use option

  • Continuous item use of bandages, first aid kits, energy drinks and pain killers will be added as an option.
    Continuous Item Use will be provided as an option which can be set in SETTINGS – GAMEPLAY

    • On
      • If a player owns more than one of items listed above and can be used, using it once will allow the item to be used continuously.
    • Bandages Only:
      • Only bandages will be used continuously.
    • Off
      • No items will be allowed to be used continuously.
  • Regardless of this option, keeping action feature will be added.
    • If multiple heal items can be used, holding onto the item use button will continuously use the item.
    • Players do not have to press the item use every time they want to use the item.

Weapon Mastery

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”

Favorite Weapon

  • Players can now choose their “favorite weapon” in the mastery tab
  • The weapon of choice will show up as the first weapon stat in your PUBG ID, regardless of whether the weapon has the highest level or not
  • Clicking R-Stick(Xbox)/R3(PS4) while hovering over a weapon will “favorite” the weapon.
    • Known Issue: Currently, the button guide will only be displayed in English. Other languages will be added in January.
  • A gold star will show up next to a chosen weapon when a player favorites it
  • Players can only favorite individual weapons and not categories
  • There can only be one favorite. That’s just logical
  • The favorite weapon will always show up at the top of players’ list, even when the sorting feature is used

PUBG ID: Platform Identification

  • Players will now be able to see which platform the user is playing on via PUBG ID.
  • Like cross platform play, there will be 3 ways to show platform icons.
    • Xbox icon: Xbox players will be able to see players playing on Xbox with a Xbox icon.
    • PlayStation icon: PlayStation players will be able to see players playing on PlayStation with a PlayStation icon.
    • Common icon: Common icons will be shown on PUBG IDs of players playing on other platforms.


Lobby Theme

  • Lobby background will change to a HAPPY HOLIDAYS theme once the patch is updated on live servers
  • To set the winter mood, the lobby music has also been changed

Weapon HUD improvement

  • Heal and acceleration icons on the weapon HUD will now flash when activated


  • Cached data will be deleted when moving to lobby after a match is finished to reduce the rate of game crash.


  • Players cannot change the language while in a match.


  • All PGC signs and banners on Miramar have been removed

Survivor Pass: Badlands

  • The current season of both the Survivor Pass and Survival Title System will end on January 21 KST
  • Survivor Pass: Starting January 1st, two weeks before the end period of Badlands, there will be an on-screen message, pop-up and countdown on the Survivor Pass banner in the lobby to notify players of the pass end timing
  • Premium Pass and Level-up items can be purchased until the Pass period ends

Skins & Items

The following items will be added to the Store after Update #5.3 hits live servers:

  • Added 2 types of purchasable BattleStat Weapons (QBU and P1911)
  • Added 2 types of BP Battlestat Weapons (SKS and P92)

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the reticle would shake during ADS with a 6X scope equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where character would move forcibly when firing DBS in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where BRDM collision damage was higher than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where a moving disconnected player’s character would float on air when disrupted by a prone character.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles would get stuck in tree branches in certain situations.


  • Mitigated an issue which causes players to be bumped into the air when moving close to certain objects.


  • Fixed an issue where only the ammo of one weapon is updated in the inventory when holding more than one weapon using the same ammo type.
  • Fixed an issue where the character size would show incorrectly in lobby when moving to lobby after seeing preview of PGC 2019 bundle.
  • Fixed an issue where character rendering is done late when changing gender while creating a character.
  • Fixed an issue where item equipped icon and new item notification icon would appear at the same location in CUSTOMIZE menu.
  • Fixed an issue where framerate priority and resolution priority option was displayed incorrectly in SETTINGS. (Xbox One X)
  • Fixed an issue where accelerate buff icon was displayed incorrectly on weapon HUD.
  • Fixed an issue where moving in the lobby was limited after certain actions were taken when in the Last Match report screen.
  • Fixed an issue where healing message UI would disappear when system menu is opened while healing.

Skins and Items

  • Fixed an issue where [BATTLESTAT] Refined Mictlantecuhtli Groza kill count would not be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where character thighs would be displayed incorrectly when certain skins are equipped.

Source: Official PUBG site

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