Google Stadia’s achievement system now live on most platforms except mobile

Google is adding more features to Stadia as it looks to bolster the gaming platform and its latest is achievements. Achievements can be earned in any of the games on the system that supports them, and since most have them in place for other platforms including consoles and PC that should mean the majority should have them on Stadia. When playing Stadia users will get notifications on TV, web, and desktop when an achievement has been earned, but this function is not yet available on mobile. We don’t know when that will go live.


To view all earned achievements you can head to the official Stadia site and click on your username, select achievements, then select the game you’re interested in. That list will show you all of the game’s achievements including ones you are yet to unlock. If playing on your TV you can hit the Stadia button select your user name and the most recent achievements will be displayed. You can also view other people’s achievements by clicking on their names, if they have set their permissions to allow those to be publicly viewed.

Source: Twitter

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